Cedar Grove Cemetery, Middlebush, Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ

Cedar Grove Cemetery is located at Hunters Crossing Rd and Wilson Rd in Middlebush, Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey.   The entrance is a bit inconspicuous and you need to follow the driveway back into the cemetery.   At first glance, it seems like more of a small modern cemetery but it isn't.   While the place is still an active cemetery, it has been a burial ground since shortly after Europeans first settled the area.   There are many older graves here and many of these are very difficult to read, some impossible.   There are many noteworthy families interred here and any study of the area's history is sure to yield names of many of these.

The cemetery is small to medium sized with probably more than 1,000 interments and probably nor more than 2,000.   Our goal here is to photograph all the older stones and most of the newer ones bearing the same surnames as the older ones.   But most likely we will not cover 100% as there is no genealogical purpose in documenting the immediate families of currently living persons, perhaps new to the area.   We have tried our best to transcribe the older stones but did have some difficulty with a few.   We have made our best attempt to get this information correctly but as always, you need to verify any and all family history information before relying upon it.   See below to access inscriptions as well as photographs of tombstones.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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The following are stones we had difficulty reading or were just not sure about:

  • ?, Catharine ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph 60

  • ? ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph 67

  • ? ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph 68

  • ?Aunty S. Pet? ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph 84

  • ?, Adeline S? ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph 197

  • ? Our Little ? (possible Suydam) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph 156