Mount Calvary Cemetery, Neptune Twp., Monmouth County, NJ

Mount Calvary Cemetery is located next to Route 66 (aka Asbury Ave), right by the Route 18 exit for Rt 66 in Neptune, Monmouth County, New Jersey.   The cemetery is a medium sized one, holding perhaps five thousand burials or so.   It is sort of a tiny island of solitude in an otherwise pretty busy area.   Route 66 has a fair amount of traffic and there are a number of busy retail strip malls nearby.   The entrance can be a little difficult if you are coming off Route 18 as it is immediately on your right.   If you miss the entrance, take your next right and you should be able to enter the cemeter via the back gate..

We have photographed about 2,000 of the tombstones here and are in the process of trancribing names and dates.   We should be able to complete this project before the beginning of summer 2013.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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