Hillside Cemetery, Metuchen, Middlesex County, NJ

Hillside Cemetery lies at the end of Lincoln Ave in Metuchen, Middlesex County, NJ.   The mailing address for this cemetery is: 52 Lincoln Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840-2755.

We are in the process of photographing mainly the older graves at this location.   As we compile more and more grave marker photographs, we will index them and place them on the web site for your use.   There are several sections in this cemetery which have almost exclusively newer (post 1990) burials which we will not be photographing.   Newer burials which do appear here have been photographed and indexed because they are in the midst oor on the perifery of older burials.   It is not our desire to document newer burials, but rather to record those which may be of genealogical use.

Note that this section is a work in progress which will take some time to complete.   Information and photographs for particular individuals whose gravemarkers have been recorded can be accessed by locating the first letter of a person's surname, clicking on that letter, then locating the individual on that particular page, and then clicking on the link for the photograph.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burials

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Markers we weren't certain about:

  • ?, Minnie (possibly Eastman or Shoemaker ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Edgar or Mundy, Cettie (or Gettie) Anna (wife of Charles Edgar or Charles Edgar Mundy) ~~ 1870 - 1957   Tombstone Photograph

  • Edgar or Mundy, Charles Edgar ~~ 1874 - 1957   Tombstone Photograph

  • Edgar or Mundy, Hazel Elizabeth ~~ 1899 - 1917   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown, Alle? ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph