Bordentown Cemetery, Bordentown, Burlington County, NJ

Bordentown Cemetery is located at the juncture of Cemetery Lane and Crosswicks Rd (CR 528), not far from Route 130, about 5 miles from Interstate 195.   It is a medium sized cemetery, hosting perhaps 5,000 burials.   The site is well maintained though many of the older tombstones have become illegible due to normal wear.   In many cases, some piece of the inscription remains visible.   In these cases, we have posted a photograph and done as well as we could to transcribe the information.

We are setting out to photograph the full cemetery with the exception of wholly illegible monuments.   This will be an ongoing project and we ask for your patience as we work our way through this.   We hope you find what we have placed online useful but if you are seeking a person we have not posted yet, please check back every week or so.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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Also, the following stones were ones we had difficulty reading:

  • W??t?mou, Martha ~~ Dec 27,18?22? - Feb 28, 1901   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? Unknown, possible Dickson ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Louis ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ??reppert, Josephine M? ~~ died Dec 12, 1860, in the 84th yr of her age   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?O??al??, Edith ~~ 1802 - 1903   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Leslie ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Harriet C. ~~ 1822 - 1911   Tombstone Photograph