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    Glad you asked. Let me, the webmaster here at, explain why I think this is a valuable tool. I can only speak from personal experience as to do otherwise would be unfair.

    I decided one day to see what I could do with my father's mother's side since we had very little information and had never expended even a little effort to research this line. I had already subscribed to Ancestry for other research I had been doing so I plugged my grandmother's maiden into the search box. I received a ton of hits because it is a common name but was able to quickly weed out the off-target stuff and pull out an obituary for my great uncle. This obit was nowhere else to be found on the web. From that I was able to determine the names of my great grandparents. I used this information to search again. What I found was a way to get government records which showed their parents' names. I then used this information to post a query which connected me to a thoroughly researched line! Total elapsed time, about one hour!! Actually it took several weeks to complete this research as it takes time to obtain government records but it took only one hour of my time. Thanks, Ancestry.

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